Oral Cancer Detection – A Happy Outcome

Bentall Dental Centre Blog

Dear Dr. Shannon:

I write today to thank you and your team for excellence in service for my oral health care.

On May 8, 2014, a routine hygiene appointment with Niki Patel at your practice resulted in something very positive for me personally.

A miniscule aberration in the soft palate tissue at the back of my mouth caused her to call you over for a second pair of eyes on something that she believed should be looked at.

To your credit, you remembered that I had a small cancerous tumor removed from a vocal cord seven years previously, and said “Let’s take a picture of this and send it along to your throat and mouth doctor,” adding that you didn’t think it was anything to be worried about but “let’s err on the side of caution.”

I followed this by getting an appointment at VGH. The doctor said, “I don’t think this is anything but now that you are here, let me take two small tissue samples for biopsy. If this is cancer then you are very lucky because, looking at it, we are very early at getting on top of it”.

Ten days later, he called to give me the news, “George the biopsy is positive, very early stage active cancer cells.” A month later, day surgery at UBC took place and all is well. Adjacent lymph nodes checked and clear.

So, I write to thank you, my hygienist Niki, and all of your team for exemplary care. I have become a walking billboard for advising friends to beware of dentists who only clean, fill, and remove teeth.

You and your staff caught the early warning signs of early stage active cancer cells, discovering a health menace during a routine cleaning and enabling swift medical response and surgical action. Your attentiveness and personal care is a god send!

In simplest terms, I want to thank you for your personal care and that of your wonderful staff. Please share these thoughts with everyone.